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So many uses!
Here are just a few:

Unistrut Space Frames and
Ceiling Grids

Retail Display, Store Fronts, Building Fronts

Warehouse Storage Racks

Medical Equipment Supports

• Metal Framing Systems

• Fiberglass, Aluminum & Stainless Steel Channel

• Support Fittings & Hardware

• Interlock Plank Grating

• Telespar Telescopic Square Tubing & Sign Support Systems

• Telestrut Boltless & Adjustable Connecting Systems

• Custom Racks & Carts, etc.

The left picture on the masthead is of Unistrut's unique weldless connection spring nut and bolt.

They provide strong, fast, and economical connections that are adjustable.

• A hex-head bolt connects fitting to channel as it is threaded into the spring nut.

Chamfer in the nut eases starting of the bolt.

• Nut teeth create a strong, vise-like grip when tightened against the inturned channel edges.

• Channel edges and the nut's tapered grooves act as guides to provide fool -proof alignment of connection.

• Nut teeth grip the channel's inturned edges, tying the channel sides together in a "box" configuration for added strength.

• The spring allows precision placement anywhere along the channel length, then holds the nut in position while the connection is completed.

The right picture on the masthead is of Unistrut's channel options.

They provide adjustability, demountability and reusability. Each dimensional series offers channels of varying depth and gage plus a complete line of fittings and accessories.
What's New!

Unistrut Metal Framing System additional Products Information

Unipier Rooftop Pipe Support System.pdf

Slot Adapter Strut Connections.pdf

Cut-n-Strut to Cut Unistrut Channel Easily.pdf

Kwik Washer to Cut Installation Time & Costs.pdf

Swift Grip Clamps.pdf

Cush-A-Grip Clamps.pdf

Food Grade Struts

Beam Clamps

• Swift Grip PDF (smaller file)

• Cush-A- Grip PDF (smaller file)

Unistrut Metal-Framing
Unistrut Telecom-Caging
Unistrut Ceiling-Grid
Unistrut Ceiling Grid.pdf
Unistrut Catwalk
Unistrut Space-Frame
Perma-Green III Strut Finish.pdf

Medical Support Systems
Medical Support System

Computer Access Floors
Access Floors

Fall Protective Systems
Fall Protection Safety System

• Telespar Telescoping Square Tubing PDF

Roof Products
Roof Products

Specialty Items
In Plant Offices
Clean Rooms

Wire Partitions & Tool Cribs
• Car Locker PDF #1 & #2
• Garage Storage Solutions PDF
• Additional Garage Storage PDF
• QuikGuard II Machine Guarding
#1 & #2 & #3 PDFs


Concrete Inserts

Caddy Fasteners & Cadweld

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